Would you like to feel a deeper connection with your significant other? Would you like some help understanding your children? Would you like additional tools for more effectively communicating at work?

We appreciate that all life is about relationships and that the attainment of any goal, whether it be personal or professional, inevitably comes down to how you relate with the individuals involved. Connecting with others not only brings achievement: in addition, harmonious marriages depend on it, rewarding business partnerships rely on it, and frankly, the quality of your life can hinge upon it.


How can the Relationship Code help?

In Parenting:

  • It isn’t unusual to hear a parent say: “I raised my two children exactly the same, and they are nothing alike!” As you become more familiar with the Relationship Code, you will begin to see even more distinct attributes in your children.
  • The Relationship Code will help you recognize the unique style of each of your children and provide you with insights on how to meet their individual needs.

In Dating:

  • By understanding how different types of people interact and affect each other, you can find your true love so much easier not only by knowing what you are looking for in a relationship but also how to connect when the opportunity is right.

With your Spouse or Significant Other:

  • Even the best of relationships require ongoing effort. The Relationship Code can help you learn to understand your “special someone” on a far deeper level as you learn about his/her emotional needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses, and communication preferences in a way that enhances the relationship for the rest of your lives.

Beau Monde Polish:

“Manners & Etiquette for children is ranked as the most important quality to nurture in the family home. Good Manners are essential for every child’s self confidence and success in life.”- Manners & Etiquette website

  • VIP Families see the teaching and deportment of their children as an essential skill.  They do realize that successful confident children thrive on boundaries and being taught from a very early age as to the decorum of their behaviour, especially outside the home. Children from VIP families internationally are enjoying this course that builds strong self-esteem and confidence.
  • Work with our expert trainers who have worked with VIP families, diplomats, Royalty and Fortune 500 companies
  • Holistically acquire polished perfection to present yourself in the best possible light while retaining your individuality
  • Gain the competitive edge socially or in business.
  • Gain the skills, poise and confidence to make the most of your professional and social environments in the 21st century