The “Get It!” Programme

Many secondary school teachers internationally use the “Get It!” Programme to help them identify the needs of their students, making them more effective in the classroom.

The program begins with a comprehensive personality assessment of the student with a 10-page report on what makes them tick. Included in the report are study habits, career choices, relationships tips, and more, all based on the student’s unique personality.
The program continues with two units of classroom study:

  • Unit One: “Getting Yourself helps the students gain important insights into their own personalities while building valuable self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • Unit Two: “Getting Others” helps the students to see things from other people’s perspectives and find ways to improve their relationships with their parents, teachers and peers.


At School:

  • Understand how others perceive you and how to play to your strengths rather than fall into patterns that limit your success or damage your reputation. This knowledge can better prepare you for life after school as you will be better prepared to face the change of learning to stand on your own.

At Home:

  • The Relationship Code enables you to create a clear and accurate self-perception and enhances your ability to relate effectively to others. This can do wonders for you at home. Not only will you be able to better speak the language of your individual family members, but also learn how to own your strengths and overcome your limitations as a SIBLING,CHILD OR FRIEND.


LEAP for Schools Programme- taught by International Experts who have worked with VIP schools, royal families & Fortune 500 companies

  • Leap Programme for schools is already utilized by independent schools in the UK, Middle East & Asia
  • It is designed to work with highly ambitious students who want to be prepared with specific skills so they may succeed anywhere and be brand ambassadors for the school
  • The programme covers interpersonal skills, interview techniques, public speaking, table manners, dressing for success, deportment & posture, written communication skills, as well as basic student survival – ideal for those preparing themselves to head off to further education.


University  Graduate Business Etiquette

  • Aimed at soon-to-be graduates and young professionals, this programme empowers members to understand international business protocol and to learn workplace etiquette. It develops confidence and skills sets as members endeavour to create the right impression when approaching an interview or a promotion. This course is offered to educational bodies wishing to give their students the upper hand, or to individuals wishing to create a competitive advantage in their chosen field.