“The material was outstanding!  There was meaningful content that each member of our family could relate to.  Also, the content was relevant and actionable.  We were provided with ways to better understand ourselves and each other.  In addition, we were given concrete ideas to help us work better with others who are motivated differently than we are. We had heard of the Motive Based Assessment but we had never been taught about it.  The facilitators were excellent with a great product.  We would recommend their training to all who work as teams—from families to corporations!”

J & M Stitt


“Very good, something fun and interactive and brings a lot of clarity forward on people and your dealings with them”-Kyle, Dimension Data

“Gave us an opportunity to reflect and relate to what you were saying, I love the way you gave examples as it made it lot more interesting and kept us intrigued. This whole experience has given us a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us.”

Olgar, Dimension Data


“We have implemented The Code into our student leadership programs now for several years, because of one reason – results!” We’ve been through DiSC and Meyers-Briggs and believe me when I say that those programs can’t even come close to achieving what this can. To illustrate, through understanding and implementation of The Code, we have experienced a 50% decline in the instances of conflict we deal with in our office. In addition, the level and effectiveness of general communication has increased by at least 35%, and through understanding MOTIVE our leaders have been more efficient and productive by at least three times! We recommend this program to anyone who is serious in wanting to achieve bottom-line results.”

Bob Rasmussen, Dean of Students, Utah Valley UniversityLOGOS